Wednesday, June 6, 2012

2011 Day Reunion at Brian Head

Mike's family (Cassidy, Taelor, Kael, Mike, Tomie, Maizy, Colter,
Nate and Hattie posing across from the Bristlecone Cabin
we stayed in at Brianhead
Sydnee & Jamie at Bryce Canyon

Sydnee, Jamie, Austin, Grandma, Hattie, Becky,
Tomie, Maizy & Rylee at Cedar Breaks

Cole and Hattie on Hike up Canyon           
                                                                                           Kids on stairs in cabin: Jackson, Rylee,   Austin,  Hattie, Payton,
 Cole, Sydnee & Kael     

Bristlecone Cabin

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Bear Lake Family Reunion - July 2010

Bear Lake was chosen for our 2010 Family Reunion. We rented a large and wonderful cabin called "The Gathering Place" As soon as we got there, Jackson brought out the Monopoly game and got Chad, Talana, Halle, Chase and Jordan to play with him.
While the kids played Monopoly Kenny's family was busy whipping up a yummy spaghetti dinner with tossed salad and french bread. The nice thing about assigning out meals was that while one family cooked the others could relax and just visit.

Bryan and Jim are chatting away while Kenny, Taryn & Dustin are busy in the kitchen

Mindy and Jaycee are enjoying playing with the newest grandbaby, Crew, while Jake & Corey discovered the pool table in the loft.

Amy relaxes in the rocking chair while Jamie holds her girls Sydnee and Rylee and Tomie poses with Hattie & Mazie.

We found a sandbar on the lake and spent all day Friday playing on the beach and in the lake. Aliese is teaching a yoga class and Ryan, Tomie, Juliene, Mindy and Andrea all participated. Paddle boats turned out to be a fun thing and while Jackson & Halle are paddling, Beau's waiting to catch the football.

Bryan & Mike took a snooze on the beach while Laura enjoyed visiting with cousins, Corey & Jake.

Nate took special orders while Mike cooked up omlets with Tomie and Taelor's help and everyone enjoyed eating out on the deck.

Saturday moring was spent at the Minnetonka cave which was a 90 minute tour and all uphill. We took some fun pictures at the entrance of the cave before the excursion.

Matt & Amy's boys said the cave was the "best" part of the whole trip and here they are along with Bryan & Mindy's family inside the cave.

Jim & Juliene's family along with Laura, Me, Jake & Kenny inside the cave. I wasn't sure I would be able to make all the stairs, but I did with the help of everyone chanting "Go Grandma, Go!! And then they all sang "Happy Birthday" to me. First time I ever spent my Birthday in a cave.

Crew kinda enjoyed the beach.....mostly he slept, but Kael loved the water and was fun to watch!

Halle was a good baby sitter for Maizy and she also was a good sport and got buried alive by Cole, Jackson, Chase and Austin.

Here I am with all the great grandchildren except for Bronx. The younger grandchildrn are hanging over the loft of the cabin.

How about these two good lookin' hunks???
Those who stayed til Sunday morning got their picture taken out on the porch of the cabin. Wow! There were 41 of the family there for the reunion and I sure hope they all enjoyed it as much as I did. What a way to spend my 73rd Birthday!!

Monday, May 17, 2010

New Grandbaby / Easter 2010

Proud Poppa Matt with newborn baby Crew
Crew Howard Bench was born April 5, 2010 weighing in at a whoppin' 8 lbs and he was 22 inches long. The "Howard" in his name is after his great grandfather, Howard Crump. It is also the maiden name of his great, great grandmother Eva Howard Crump.

The Bench boys, Cole, Austin and Jackson are so happy to have a new little brother to add to their crew. They love to cuddle and hold him and have a hard time keeping their hands off him. He is a good little guy and a real happy addition to the family.

The Easter Egg hunt at BluffDale was postponed for a week because of the weather and it made it so Crew could attend his first ever Easter Egg hunt at the BluffDale farm (even though he and mom stayed in the car).

The kids all had a great time hunting for candy and money eggs, climbing the old dead tree, and flying kites. Pictured above is Hattie, Morgan, Rylee and Cole.

Rylee, Sydnee and Jamie playing with Brianne's dog "Bella"
Some of the guys roasting hot dogs around the fire pit
Jake, Kenny, Colter and Jordan

Tomi, Tomie, Maizy and Leon enjoying their lunch!
It's a fun family tradition which everyone tries to attend.

Jordan's Homecoming

Jordan returned home from his mission to Thailand on March 19th. His homecoming was on the 21st and he did a great job reporting on his experiences. His mission was great and he had a lot of wonderful experiences.

Monday, February 1, 2010

Shayne's Marine Boot Camp Graduation

Just got back from San Diego where we attended Shayne's Marine Boot Camp graduation. Shayne was in the "Honor Platoon". He said it was the "greatest worst experience of his life". On Thursday, Jan. 27th, we attended family day where the marines marched across the parade field and then lunch was served to the LDS Marines and their families by the pier at the West end of the base by missionaries who are retired military.

Shayne's Marine Boot Camp

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Great Grandchildren's Blessings

Our family has really had a busy month and it continues to be that way. I had two great grandchildren born in April while I was in Austalia. Taelor and Cassidy had a baby boy who they named Kael Cassidy Lewis and Jamie and Shane got a new sister for Rylee. Sydnee Lynn Smith was blessed this past Sunday and Kael was blessed on June 7th.
(Four Generations at Sydnee's Blessing)

Taelor, Cassidy, Kael & LaRayne